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Wind Turbines

Enviko are specialists in renewable electrical generation and we work with our customers to offer a range of suitable turbine solutions to suit your site, budget and available wind resource. We have developed a separate website for our wind energy projects. Please click on the logo below.logo

We offer a full service from our initial consultancy through feasibility studies, planning, procurement, installation, maintenance and entire lifetime monitoring.

Wind turbines convert kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power, wind farms are now the largest source of renewable energy generation in the UK, if its one thing we have as an island in the north sea, its a lot of very windy days!

The UK is one the windiest parts of Europe and at Enviko we take advantage of this natural resource, we exploit its full potential with the provision of this renewable energy technology.

In 2013 there were almost 5,000 wind turbines in the United Kingdom and we look to offer the ideal solution for a range of different situations, be it a domestic or commercial usage.

Benefits of wind turbines

The benefits of of developing wind turbines in order to harness the wind include increased energy security, cost savings and carbon reduction. If you require a single turbine or a wind farm development, we can offer both the range of products as well as full customer support to ensure that you receive quality advice and get the best results from your development.

The installation of a wind turbine or farm is subject to specific planning permission, at Eniko we have a wealth of experience and consult our customers throughout the lifecycle of their wind turbine project.

From the initial assessment to installation, our skilled and experienced staff are committed to ensure our projects are delivered with the utmost success.

At the moment we offer five different models of wind turbines but we are also able to offer technical consultancy services on other turbines that we do offer.