Commercial Solar PV

An Enviko we are experienced specialists in Solar Photovoltaics (PV). We are committed to delivering innovative solar solutions for a number of different types of developments as a part of our range of economically viable and renewable energy technologies.

We provide Solar PV energy installations for domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and properties in the public sector.

Solar PV is a fantastic way of contributing the the electrical needs of a building whilst at the same time insulating against the rising price of traditional energy costs. By installing solar panels our engineers are able to allow you to harness solar radiation or sunlight and convert it into a direct current or electricity.

We are experienced in the installation of solar PV and have installed in a varied number of properties including farms, schools, offices and commercial units.

Solar PV is a long term energy solution and we are looking to increase the take up in this alternative energy source.

The benefits of Solar PV

The benefits of Solar PV include the Governments Feed in Tariff where you will get paid to generate your own electricity and the possibility of receiving payments for up to 20 years, this is linked to inflation and is also tax free!

By installing solar a Solar PV system in your home and with the talents of Enviko’s engineering team, we can reduce your carbon footprint and assist you to demonstrate your green credentials. The value of your home will also increase and this will make it more attractive to prospective buyers or rental tenants.

At Enviko we were delighted to be awarded with the Panasonic Installer of the Month in February 2014, we have been a member of the Panasonic Solar Premium Installer Programme since its inception.

We have years of experience and are committed to finding the perfect renewable solar solution to suit your site budget and requirements.