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Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers make complete sense today for your home and business’ heating and hot water requirements with significant savings to be made combined with RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments for “Going Green” and reducing your carbon emissions.

Biomass boilers offer a viable alternative to fossil fuelled boiled as they deliver 75 degrees flow rates that we are used to with fossil fuelled boilers which will happily heat radiators and provide hot water. The boilers can be fully automated auto-ignition, suction or auger fed and self-cleaning features which minimizes the interaction with the boiler – typically the boilers will modulate down to 30% of their maximum output.

Enviko offer a range of biomass boilers for both domestic and commercial applications typically up to 200Kw* using wood pellets, wood chip or log fired which can be tailored to suit. We can cascade boilers to meet “peak load” requirements then in summer months the system can also modulate down to 30% of their maximum output.

There are also pre-packaged plant rooms available which offer another option when there isn’t the space available for a new system this also minimises downtime. With a pre–packaged plant room solution which can accommodate the boilers, flues, pump sets, accumulator tank, expansion vessel and fuel store – then the changeover to a biomass heating system can within one day!

*Larger systems can be catered for.