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Commercial Biomass Boiler Solutions

Biomass boilers are well suited to commercial situations which need to meet high heating demands. Care homes, schools, leisure centres, hotels and sports clubs are examples of buildings which would benefit from biomass boilers.


Who do Enviko work with?

Farmers, land owners, tree surgeons, golf clubs, country estates, hotels, rural offices, nursing homes, restaurants, factories and sports clubs. Any building requiring heat could be suitable for a biomass heating system.


Which solution is right for my business?

It really depends on the business and what resources you have available onsite. Log boilers can be labour intensive and wood chips need processing to certain standards; wood pellets are consistent and offer the least interaction.

  • Farms and land owners – with large areas of woodland.
  • Hotels, schools, care homes and other high-density buildings – biomass boilers are ideal for buildings with a high heat demand.
  • Commercial applications with high heat loads can meet the base load of their heat demand with a 199kW system. You could also incorporate fossil fuel boilers for peak demands. This maximises their RHI returns and incorporates renewable energy meeting sustainable requirements for you. Alternatively look at one boiler to meet the required heat load with fossil fuel back-up. A more versatile approach is to use a cascade system to meet the demand.
  • Golf clubs and country estates – could use their own woodland.
  • Pre-packaged plant rooms – are a perfect solution for funded ESCOs, funded solutions or when you haven’t the room to house the boiler and fuel store. When you can’t afford the downtime to remove your existing heating system then install the new biomass system, the “changeover” of installing a plant room can be seamless with the minimum disruption to the business or tenants.They incorporate the boiler and fuel store in one handy building which can be simply craned into position. They can be cedar clad or finished to blend in with the surroundings.

Benefits for YOU?

Environment – Biomass is a green alternative to fossil fuel as it delivers 75 degrees flow rates that we are used to with fossil-fuelled boilers. When biomass is burnt it releases carbon dioxide much like fossil fuelled boilers, contributing to the greenhouse effect. However, where fossil fuels release carbon which has been locked up in the earth for millions of years, the plants absorb carbon during their growth and release oxygen. This closed circle is called The Carbon Cycle which makes biomass sustainable.

Money – A biomass system initially costs more than a fossil fuel boiler but the fuel savings, especially over LPG or oil, make it more attractive. With the price of fossil fuels rising plus the introduction of the Renewable Heat Initiative, biomass is an excellent long-term investment typically paying back in 4 – 6 years which is roughly a 20% ROI.

Renewable Heat Initiativeindustry and public sector organisations can claim from the government for every kilowatt hour of renewable heat used. When looking at businesses or organisations that have a high heat load a biomass heating system cannot only reduce your fuel bills but also offer an additional income stream. In January 2014 the tariff level for a small commercial biomass system paid the commercial body 8.8p/kWh.

There are many other costs and outputs which make biomass boilers beneficial.Considerations – is there space to install a boiler and fuel store? Can delivery vehicles access the property? Do you have a sufficiently large heat demand?


Domestic Biomass solutions

Biomass boilers are suited to most homes. They offer cheaper, greener energy and savings through the Renewable Heat Incentive. In the long term, they can reduce homeowners’ bills substantially as wood fuel costs much less than fossil fuels.

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme pays you an upfront cost for installing renewable technology in your home. For a biomass boiler this is £2000, a significant contribution to the costs of these systems. See domestic

Recommended commercial boiler manufacturers

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