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Oakhampton Park, Devon

Oakhampton Park Inverters
Technology Solar PV
System Size 22 kW
Annual generation 16,069 kWh
Annual Carbon Reductions 8.5 tonnes
Modules Conergy P Series
Inverter SMA
Yearly Income & Savings £3,781










This solar PV system was installed at a large domestic estate in Devon. Our routine consultation with the local National Grid provider had revealed a limitation to the amount of electricity that could be exported from the site. The residence uses a significant amount of electricity so we had to look at ways of connecting a large solar PV array while limiting the export of electricity in line with the DNO’s requirements.

We utilised an EMMA GVS system. The EMMA is a device that monitors electricity generation from the PV array and how much is being consumed by the residence. In a normal household, any excess generation would be exported to the National Grid, but for this site, we had to make sure the electricity stays on site.

The EMMA detects when the generation is higher than the consumption, and automatically diverts the excess into some designated use – in this case providing heating for the swimming pool and space heating in the buildings. Using the EMMA system, we were able to connect 22kWp of solar PV and ensure that no more than 3.68kWp is ever exported from site – perfectly fulfilling the project brief.


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The financial logic becomes obvious when you consider that returns on these systems can be as high as 15% and the obvious fact that traditional energy prices have risen far faster than inflation

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