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Sustainability assessments (LEED/BREEAM/SKA)

Enviko offer a range of sustainability assessments, namely LEED, BREEAM, CSH and SKA.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System) is a certification scheme which champions the high performance of sustainable buildings. The assessor can take a look at the building and be aware of the impact on the environment that the design could have. The categories can be divided into the sub-requirements of sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality.

BREEAM provides a standard for best practice in sustainable building design, installation and operation. It has become one of the most comprehensive and broadly observed measures of a building's environmental performance. It champions designers, clients and other people involved to think about low carbon and low impact design, reducing the energy demands made by a building before considering energy efficiency and low carbon technologies.

SKA Rating is an environmental evaluation scheme for sustainable fit-outs. Project teams interested in fitting out spaces in a green way can use SKA Rating to carry out an informal self- assessment of the environmental performance of their fit-out, commission a quality-assured assessment and certificate from an RICS-accredited SKA assessor, obtain clear guidance on good practice in fit-out and how to implement it and benchmark the performance of fit-outs against each other and the rest of the industry.




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Three different renewable technologies.


Solar PV - We are experienced specialists in solar PV. In recent years solar has become an increasingly popular method of generating renewable electricity.

We can reduce your carbon footprint and help you to demonstrate your green credentials.

Wind - Enviko provides turnkey engineering solutions for wind turbine sites. With our wide knowledge and experience, we can guide you along the most effective and affordable path to delivering your wind project. Enviko’s expertise resides in grid connection, civils and foundation design, wind turbine erection, installation and commissioning and on-going Operation and Maintenance Services both Preventative/On-Going and Unscheduled.

Renewable heating - We can provide commercial bodies with a range of renewable heating solutions, including biomass, heat pumps and solar thermal.

We find the best solution to match your budget and energy demands.


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