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Renewable Energy Audits

If you are interested in using some type of renewable energy technology on your premises, you will want to take the time to learn about our Renewable Energy Opportunity Audits. This is one of the core services that we offer to our clients. These audits are often used as strategy documents by our clients, and they are a starting point for your project.

We look at all available solutions

When we perform these audits we investigate the alternative energy sources that you can use on your site. So, if you are thinking about incorporating renewable energy into your next project or development, this is where you should start.

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During the process of our investigation we consider all of the main forms of renewable or low carbon technology, such as solar PV, wind turbines, heat pumps, and more. We evaluate these technologies and your site to see what constraints would affect their use. We also assess how suitable certain technologies would be when it comes to matching your needs and the demands of your site.

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By taking this approach, we can determine what we believe will work and what we believe will not work from a technical perspective. For example, your site and your project might be well suited to use solar PV, but it might not be a good option for wind turbines. We pride ourselves on being able to offer impartial advice because we are independent. This means that we are not tied to one specific manufacturer, product, or technology.

We are experts in the following areas: creating integrated renewable energy technologies, microgeneration, and energy efficiency. We can provide our clients with resource assessments, carbon reduction strategies, and technology advice in addition to our renewable energy audits. For example, we can tell you how feasible your project is at a certain site. With these renewable energy feasibility studies we can provide guidance when it comes to investing in renewable energy.

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As with any project it is important to prepare before rushing into it, and that’s where we can help you by providing these audits. Once you have made all the preparations, we can also help you with planning and designing your renewable energy systems, which includes the specification of equipment. We can serve as the project manager or technical advisor to you, and we work as part of your design time alongside your building services engineers and architects. These are only some of the many services that we can provide when it comes to choosing, planning, designing, installing, and maintaining your renewable energy systems.

If you are interested in conducting a renewable energy audit on your commercial premises or project, contact the team for more information.



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For more information on this or any other Enviko services or products please call Enviko on (England & Wales) +44 (0)20 8816 7631 or (Scotland) +44 (0)131 335 0032 or by email.

Three different renewable technologies.


Solar PV - We are experienced specialists in solar PV. In recent years solar has become an increasingly popular method of generating renewable electricity.

We can reduce your carbon footprint and help you to demonstrate your green credentials.

Wind - Enviko provides turnkey engineering solutions for wind turbine sites. With our wide knowledge and experience, we can guide you along the most effective and affordable path to delivering your wind project. Enviko’s expertise resides in grid connection, civils and foundation design, wind turbine erection, installation and commissioning and on-going Operation and Maintenance Services both Preventative/On-Going and Unscheduled.

Renewable heating - We can provide commercial bodies with a range of renewable heating solutions, including biomass, heat pumps and solar thermal.

We find the best solution to match your budget and energy demands.


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