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Are Heat Pumps for YOU?

Below ground level the Earth’s temperature remains at a constant 11ºC throughout the year whilst even in sub-zero temperatures outside there is significant energy in the air. This represents a significant store of energy which can be exploited to deliver heating and cooling for the building’s energy demand in all seasons. Depending on the application and type of Heat Pump utilised efficiencies of 300% to 500% are normal.


Enviko’s highly efficient systems are flexible, convenient, reliable and economic. Our heat-pumps can be integrated with all other forms of renewable electrical and renewable heating solutions to ensure totally carbon-free operation. As a result of these benefits heat pumps are a popular technology for new-build developments.


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Water Source Heat Pumps

Water source heat pumps work in a similar way to ground source systems, except that they use open loop collectors where underground water is circulated through pipe loops.

A water source heat pump can be used if you have a very large well, pond, stream or lake. In this case the water is drawn up directly to the pump’s heat exchanger where its heat is extracted and the water is returned to the source.

From initial site review, design, planning through to installation and commissioning we work closely with owners, architects, developers and contractors to ensure heat pump systems are installed successfully. Read our testimonials.

Heat Pumps

Enviko are heat pump specialists committed to delivering innovative heating solutions for all types of developments within the domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and public sectors.

Enviko can supply and install:

Air Source Heat Pumps

Enviko’s air-source heat pumps convert the energy of the outside air into heat and create a comfortable temperature inside the house. Installation of these heat pumps can lead to your energy consumption for heating being reduced by up to 50%, in comparison to conventional heating systems.

Even cold air contains energy and air source heat pumps use the freely available heat in the outside air to provide efficient heating solutions.

Air source heat pumps provide considerable economic savings despite extracting lower temperatures than that found in the ground. The reason for this is that air-source heat pumps do not require extensive ground loops or vertical-bores to be installed near the building, hence making significant project cost reductions.


Underfloor Heating

Standard radiators operate with water temperatures of 60°C to 70°C. Under floor heating can operate at temperatures as low as 35°C. Heat pumps are far more efficient when operating at these lower temperatures. Enviko designs bespoke underfloor heating systems that deliver the correct amount of heat precisely where and when it is needed in an efficient and economical way.

Underfloor heating works by pumping a controlled flow of warm water from any heat source through plastic tubing embedded in the floor. Because the emitting area is large, sufficient warmth is provided even on a cold winter day with no need for supplementary heating.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps employ the earth or groundwater as a heat source. Your energy consumption for heating can be lowered by up to 75% with the use of Enviko’s ground source heat pumps.

Fluid circulated through the ground loops extract heat from the earth and delivers it to the heat pump. In the heat pump, this low grade heat is transferred to a refrigerant which is then compressed to increase its temperature, allowing a supply of heat to the building at approximately 50 – 55°C.


Ground source systems are well-suited to new build and retrofit conversions that employ underfloor heating or low temperature radiators.

Enviko can design comprehensive systems for both homeowners and businesses that ensure that the building’s heating and cooling demands are met all year round.

Meet the Enviko team

Chartered Engineers, Surveyors, Planners, Heat and Power Engineers...
Enviko Team

The Enviko team is comprised of Chartered Engineers, Surveyors, Planners, Heat and Power Engineers, we are one of the leading independent renewable energy installers for commercial, domestic and agricultural purposes around the country, helping people discover the benefits of cleaner, greener energy. more

“There is no shortage of natural, clean sources of power in the UK. Our challenge is to harness them economically to your business. Enviko are leading renewable energy professionals providing technical consulting, software, data, and advisory services for the commercial wind and solar energy markets.”

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Our goal is to provide sustainable energy solutions to commercial clients. We advise businesses on the very best solutions for their properties, farms and land, and undertake all the appropriate assessments. Our dedication to providing high-quality sustainable energy systems has led us to be Renewable Energy Assurance Listed and certified under the esteemed Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

Why Enviko Heat Pumps?

We provide a customised design, installation and maintenance service, including surveys and planning. We are always on hand to answer any questions you have regarding the installation process or type of solution we suggest. Enviko is Renewable Energy Assurance Listed.More.
With an impressive track record the work done by Enviko has been acknowledged with a number of awards for commercial success, environmental commitment and innovation.
Microgeneration Certification Schemes (MCS) | Renewable Energy Assurance Listed (REAL) | Safe Contractor | National Inspection Council for Electrical Contracting (NICEIC) | Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) | Constructonline. More.
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Our Accreditations

Renewable Energy Assurance Listed (REAL)

The REAL certificate guarantees a high-quality experience for business wishing to buy small-scale energy systems.

Safe Contractor CSCS

CSCS delivers a scheme for industry that confirms individuals working in this industry have the necessary training and qualifications.

Our Clients say

I was very interested in new forms of income from of installing wind turbines on my dairy farm. The Enviko team was helpful in every detail - right from applications for environmental assessment through to maintenance. The installation has already begun to offer a return on our investment and we have begun to receive an additional income through the surplus energy produced. I strongly recommend Enviko to anyone considering installing a similar system.  

Alan Travers, farmer, Lincolnshire

farmer, Lincolnshire

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