Recent environmental news stories paint a rather horrendous picture of the future, the United Nations has warned that the impacts of global warming will be “severe, pervasive and irreversible” and have compiled the most comprehensive assessment yet of the impacts of climate change on the global community.  Following this news, I want to take a look at t… Read More »

It would appear that Scotland has been doing remarkably well of late in its highly ambitious renewable energy campaign, which has been steadily improving for the best part of a decade. The country has done well in this regard in general since the turn of the millenium, but in the last twelve months or so it has made some serious headway. Recently released… Read More »

Something rather wonderful and revolutionary is going on in Greater London, and it involves coffee. No, there hasn’t been a new drink invented that no-one’s ever thought of before or anything like that. It is much better than that, and it doesn’t even involve the actual drinking of coffee or the tastebuds. Give up? Well, all around the Borough of Islin… Read More »

Being green certainly isn’t a new idea, as more than a few companies and individuals have put becoming more eco-friendly on their urgent list of to-do tasks in the last decade. However, there are now even more businesses that are becoming interested in the idea of being environmentally sound in everything they do, as there are many benefits to be had from … Read More »

It has been announced that German industrial giant Siemens is to create around a thousand new jobs in Hull in a move which looks to move Britain towards a renewable future, it will also be a massive boost to the United Kingdom’s offshore wind industry. Both Siemens and Associated British Ports (ABP) have committed to investing in the UK’s first purpose b… Read More »

Working from home can be great, not only will you be able to avoid the stressful commute but you will be able to concentrate fully on your tasks without all the usual office distractions, you could even get your job done in your pajamas. If you are lucky enough to work from home often or have a flexible job which allows the odd day away from the office then … Read More »

The European Union and its member states have set out a number of strategies to ensure appropriate action is taken to prepare for the adverse effects of climate change. Recent scientific studies now dispel any climate change sceptics and those who initially shunned the global warming debate. We cannot predict what effect the widespread use and longevity our… Read More »

It all sounds simple doesn’t it - save energy, save money, save the environment - but if it’s so easy why aren’t all businesses doing it? It makes good business sense to start cutting down on energy usage in the workplace. It can save you a lot of money in these tough economic times, it motivates staff (especially by encouraging them to take part in e… Read More »

In the many years since the climate change theory was first proposed, one thing is for certain: most of the predictions made about rises in global average temperatures have been extremely wide of the mark. But does this mean that climate change was a myth all along? Climate change skeptics have used an apparent ‘hiatus’ in rising average temperatures … Read More »

Solar photovoltaics allows the power of the sun to be harnessed for electricity production. Recent advances in the technology means that they can even generate power on cloudy days. As a result, solar PV has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years. 2013 marked the year in which demand skyrocketed, with many homeowners choosing to install solar … Read More »