The recent floods throughout the United Kingdom have caused havoc to many of the country's communities, as well as causing millions of pounds worth of damage. Changes to the environment have without a doubt caused the floods, with climate change being one of the greatest factors. In the below infographic, we have analysed the difference in flooding over t… Read More »

Solar panels use photovoltaic cells that create electricity. Luckily for the United Kingdom, they do not require direct sunlight to work. This means that, no matter what the weather, solar panels can still create electricity with some degree of efficiency. The electricity created by solar cells can be used to power lighting, heating or household appliances.… Read More »

The United Kingdom is one of the windiest countries in Europe. By taking advantage of this natural resource and exploiting it to its full potential, we could provide all the energy we need both now and in the future. As of 2013, the UK is home to almost 5,000 wind turbines. Driven by the need for cheap energy which doesn’t damage the environment thro… Read More »

Biomass is the energy type which prevents the terms renewable and green energy from being interchangeable. Biomass is renewable, in the sense that it comes from a source that can be replanted or regrown, but it is not green because it does cause environmental damage. However, the environmental damage caused by biomass energy production is significantly le… Read More »

Here at Enviko, we understand that you may not be here looking for a green alternative to save the environment. You may be here because you've heard that we can ultimately save you money. This infographic breaks down how much you can save over the course of up to 30 years when using such hardware such as solar panels, double glazing, energy saving light bul… Read More »

Looking for Ways to Make Your Office Greener?  If you're thinking about making your office a greener, more eco-friendly environment, it doesn't have to mean major upheaval and the prospect of huge disruption to your business. You can start with some very simple changes to the way you operate and these can make a real difference. Besides, they will also sav… Read More »

The UK government introduced the feed in tariff (FIT) to stimulate the growth of the renewable energy industry. Its main goal is to help the UK achieve its target of having 15% of our total energy supplied by renewable sources by 2020. Currently, only 3% of our energy is supplied by green technologies. The feed-in-tariff is essentially a payment made to the … Read More »