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Wood Chip Boilers

Wood chip boilers are well suited to land owners, farmers and agricultural businesses. Whether chipping the fuel on site or locally to provide your heating and hot water demands, these boilers offer high efficiency with low running costs which can easily meet the high demands of a country estate, farm, golf club, school or district heating scheme. There are pre-packaged plant room options available for a turn-key solution for minimal disruption from Hargassner who are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers.



With 25 years of experience in manufacturing biomass boilers in Austria. Hargassner boilers offer high efficiencies and low emissions from their wood chip boilers with outputs from 25kW – 200kW. Modern wood chip heating technology, right or left handed stoker positions, step grates for the best combustion. Fully automatic cleaning systems, cascaded systems, patented refuelling systems.


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Biomass boilers are well suited to commercial enviroments which need to meet high heating demands.

Care homes, schools, leisure centres, hotels, farms, sports clubs and domestic homes are examples of buildings which could benefit



Schools, Colleges and Universities

Care homes and hotels

Commercial, for businesses

Private Sector, Residential, new builds, private dwellings etc.





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