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we can help obtain Subsidies to covers the cost of installation

Funding  & Finance Options

Enviko are able to offer a wide array of funding options to match different client requirements removing the cost barrier that so often limits the progression of many projects. There is now no reason any projects cannot progress from a financial or funding perspective.

Talk to Enviko, we are friendly and expert.

We work closely with funders interested in renewable technologies and can help individuals and organisations secure finance for many projects based on clear demonstrable returns. Call 020 8541 1714 to discuss your options.

There are many ways of financing renewable projects and they are always changing as new incentives appear promoting the adoption of renewable technologies.

The man finance options we work with are detailed in summary below:

Purchase outright

Companies, organisations and private individuals often initially look to purchase outright all of the equipment and installation services. Using  capital to purchase a renewable system will offer the highest return on investment (ROI) and shortest payback period. With no loan interest involved you can directly compare the Internal Rate of Return with other purchases you may be considering. The ROI will always depend on numerous factors such as location or orientation but you can expect an annual return of anywhere between 10 to 20 percent by purchasing a renewable energy system.


By taking out finance to pay for a project the purchase cost of a system is spread over several years and the capital can be raised unsecured or asset backed. Interest rates can vary depending on individual circumstances and credit standing. Excluding the initial outlay the cash-flow however should remain positive and by spreading the repayments over a short term, most of our clients report that their loan repayments are covered by the income and savings provided by the system installed. By adopting this approach monthly overheads are in effect reduced without any need free up working capital.

Operating Lease

An operating lease is a type of finance that has historically enabled customers to invest in high value items with a long life span. It is very common for schools and colleges to invest in low value equipment via an operating lease as it adheres to the rules governed by the Local Education Authorities LEA. At face value an operating lease has similar traits as a lease rental agreement; they are both for a short period of time, they have fixed quarterly rental payments and allow clients to invest in equipment when they need it and not when their budget allows it.

Fully Funded or PPA

Another option that is available is a fully funded or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), in this arrangement the system is installed at no cost to our client, no finance agreement, no deposit and no loan. Your premises or roof effectively becomes a micro-generation facility whereby you allow your roof to be used to generate electricity from Solar PV in exchange for cheaper daytime electricity. At the end of a 20 year term, the ownership of the system is transferred to you and you can enjoy free power for the remaining lifetime of the system. This is likely to be around 15 - 20 years.

This model is particularly attractive for businesses, schools, colleges and public sector organisations. As the electricity generator you get to use all the electricity for a reduced rate while the funding company receives the Feed-in-Tariff or RHI . At the end the of the 20 year agreement, the system is yours leaving you to continue benefiting from the free electricity it generates.

We can also show you how loans will cover the cost of the installation and equipment with Funding. This way you are able to get your system installed with no initial outlay of capital. The repayments for the loan are subsequently made using the earnings from the incentives and Export Tariff payments. Once the loan has been completely repaid all further incentive and Export Tariff payments are left for you.

Financing renewable Energy benefits:

  • Heavily discounted electricity, generated by your own system, for the lifetime of the system.
  • No capital investment
  • Lower carbon emissions and demonstrate your green credentials to customers, suppliers and industry
  • Typically After 20 years ownership, the system transfers to your business and you then enjoy free power for the remainder of its life
  • Most equipment is warranted for 25 years and will last for up to 35 years

For more information on any of our finance and funding options please contact us.




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Biomass boilers are well suited to commercial enviroments which need to meet high heating demands.

Care homes, schools, leisure centres, hotels, farms, sports clubs and domestic homes are examples of buildings which could benefit



Schools, Colleges and Universities

Care homes and hotels

Commercial, for businesses

Private Sector, Residential, new builds, private dwellings etc.





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