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Biomass Boiler Range

There are a wide range of boilers and biomass fuels. Enviko are expert at ascertaining which boiler is right for your business.

Finance and grants for biomass or call Andrew on 020 8541 1714 to discuss your options.

Biomass Boiler Range

Wood Pellet Boilers

Wood pellet boilers offer clean efficient, fully automated heating solutions working perfectly with our heating expectations providing flow temperatures of up to 75 degrees – which will provide you with the comfort levels you expect with a fossil fuelled boiler.

Whether you are heating with radiators under floor heating systems they can meet your requirements for domestic and commercial applications with outputs from 7kW – 1000kW and pre-packaged plant rooms from Froling who are market leaders in wood pellet heating systems. More.


Complete solutions for more than four decades

Froling represents state-of-the-art technology that combines sparkling ideas with technology that has stood the test of time. For five decades we have specialised in the efficient use of wood as an energy source and we are a decisive force when it comes to development in this field. Highly efficient and reliable all round solutions make us one of Europe's leading suppliers.

Wood-heating technology made in Austria

Approximately 600 employees are responsible for our success. With over 70 % exports, our modern heating solutions for firewood, pellets and waste wood are in international demand.

Complete systems from one source

Froling offers you the complete heating system - from efficient solutions for fuel storage and loading to boiler technology, including tanks and heat exchangers down to control systems. Everything from one source, everything perfectly coordinated to work together. That saves energy and costs during planning, installation and operation.

Wood Chip Boilers

Wood chip boilers are well suited to land owners, farmers and agricultural businesses. Whether chipping the fuel on site or locally to provide your heating and hot water demands, these boilers offer high efficiency with low running costs which can easily meet the high demands of a country estate, farm, golf club, school or district heating scheme. There are pre-packaged plant room options available for a turn-key solution for minimal disruption from Hargassner who are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers. More.


With 25 years of experience in manufacturing biomass boilers in Austria.

Hargassner boilers offer high efficiencies and low emissions from their wood chip boilers with outputs from 25kW – 200kW. Modern wood chip heating technology, right or left handed stoker positions, step grates for the best combustion.

Fully automatic cleaning systems, cascaded systems, patented refuelling systems.

Log Gasification Boilers

Log gasification boilers are batch burners which you load with logs and load a buffer tank, which is a large, highly insulated water storage vessel. The boilers are very robust they can require loading once a day during a harsh winter re-loading times extended as the weather gets milder.

We offer ranges of log gasification boilers from Solar Focus and Viessmann with outputs from 18kW – 170kW. For those with access to their own wood fuel they can offer extremely low running costs. More.

Containerised Solutions

Pre-packaged plant room turn-key solutions  can be bespoke solutions with an integrated plant room and fuel store all neatly packaged in a compact pre-fabricated “building” with potential cascaded boiler configurations up to 500kW.

A “containerised” solution can be designed to be site specific to blend in with the surroundings. This type of solution is convenient with minimal downtime and can be installed within one day!


If there is not sufficient room for a biomass heating system and fuel store within the existing building– or the downtime to “re-fit” the existing plant room is unacceptable due to the potential loss of business then this offers an ideal solution. Simply prepare a concrete slab for the cabin, trench a pre-insulated heat main to the build or buildings where energy is to be supplied then the cabin is craned into position with the minimum of disruption.

Ideal situations – social housing – heating multiple properties, schools, care homes and golf clubs.



More information...

For more information on this or any other Enviko services or products please call Enviko on (England & Wales) +44 (0)20 8611 2741 or by email.

Biomass boilers are well suited to commercial enviroments which need to meet high heating demands.

Care homes, schools, leisure centres, hotels, farms, sports clubs and domestic homes are examples of buildings which could benefit



Schools, Colleges and Universities

Care homes and hotels

Commercial, for businesses

Private Sector, Residential, new builds, private dwellings etc.





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