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Different Fuels vs Energy Values of different fuels

Wood fuels

Wood pellets

Wood pellet boilers are over 90% efficient and can be fully automated for ease of use for both domestic and commercial applications and fuel savings against LPG and oil can be significant.

Wood pellets are a uniform, consistent fuel with a high calorific value and low density made to European standards and widely available and easy to handle in either in 10 or 15Kg bags for smaller domestic hand fed boilers or blown deliveries up to 16 tonnes from a tanker.

The fuel is widely available nationwide with more pellet mills coming on line with the increase in demand which are keeping the prices stable.


Wood Chip

Wood chip boilers are ideal solutions for large domestic and commercial applications where you ideally have access to woodland. The boilers and associated plant are larger than wood pellet boilers so more space is required for the boilers and also fuel storage and there will be some attention and regular maintenance required.The fuel should ideally be less than 30% moisture content to avoid the clogging of augers and handling equipment would be required.

Wood chip boilers offers high efficiency and high outputs the fuel is usually locally sourced and “chipped” on site. These can be the perfect solution for country estates, golf clubs and large energy users.



Log boilers can be an excellent solution for those who have access to wood that is ideally less than 25% moisture content, so storage facilities for the fuel is essential.

Log boilers are batch burners which are linked a to a large buffer tank which is a highly insulated storage vessel which you charge with energy and draw off for your heating and hot water demands.During winter months you could be loading the boiler once a day.

With access to your own fuel this can prove a very cost effective way to heat your property.

Commodity Calorific Value Pence/kWh
1 litre oil 10 kWh/l 6.8
1 litre LPG 6.6 kW/l 8.33
1 m³ Mains gas 1 m³ Mains gas 10.28 kWh/m³
Domestic 3.5
Commercial 2.86
1 kg pellets 4.9 kWh/kg
Bagged (on a pallet) 4.79
Bulk (blown delivery) 3.75
1 kg logs (w = 20 %) 4 kWh/kg 4.29
(Based upon £130/tonne)
1 kg wood chip (w=20%) 4.1kWh/kg 2.93
1 kg wood chip (w=30%) 3.5kWh/kg 2.86
1 kg wood chip (w=40%) 2.9kWh/kg 2.76
1 kg wood chip (w=50%) 2.3kWh/kg 1.74



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About Biomass energy

Biomass boilers are well suited to commercial enviroments which need to meet high heating demands.

Care homes, schools, leisure centres, hotels, farms, sports clubs and domestic homes are examples of buildings which could benefit



Schools, Colleges and Universities

Care homes and hotels

Commercial, for businesses

Private Sector, Residential, new builds, private dwellings etc.





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