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CHP - efficient heating systems that do not cost the earth

Combined heat and power is a developing technology that is highly efficient and is now available on a smaller scale in homes as well as the existing large scale industrial cogeneration systems.

The domestic sustainable technology industry is unfortunately niche but it is gradually growing as it attracts the interest of more people. CHP explained.

The effect that this sustainable technology is having is now becoming aware to the public.<chp-system>

Financial Support

With the financial support from the UK Government more people are looking at micro CHP systems to install in their homes due to numerous environmental and financial advantages.

Understand the different options that are available to you and the capability of different systems.

We aim to to answer all of your questions surrounding combined heat and power alongside the CHP systems that make us more sustainable day by day.

Discover both large scale and small scale systems for domestic and commercial use that Enviko can supply.


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Three different renewable technologies.


Solar PV - We are experienced specialists in solar PV. In recent years solar has become an increasingly popular method of generating renewable electricity.

We can reduce your carbon footprint and help you to demonstrate your green credentials.

Wind - Enviko provides turnkey engineering solutions for wind turbine sites. With our wide knowledge and experience, we can guide you along the most effective and affordable path to delivering your wind project. Enviko’s expertise resides in grid connection, civils and foundation design, wind turbine erection, installation and commissioning and on-going Operation and Maintenance Services both Preventative/On-Going and Unscheduled.

Renewable heating - We can provide commercial bodies with a range of renewable heating solutions, including biomass, heat pumps and solar thermal.

We find the best solution to match your budget and energy demands.


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