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“There is no shortage of natural, clean sources of power in the UK. Our challenge is to harness them economically to your business. Enviko are leading renewable energy professionals providing technical consulting, software, data, and advisory services for the commercial wind and solar energy markets.”

Enviko CommercialWho are Enviko?

Formed in 2006, Enviko Renewable Energy Solutions are a renewable energy consultancy consisting of project managers and engineers.

Their goal is to provide sustainable energy solutions to commercial clients. We advise businesses on the very best solutions for their properties, farms and land, and undertake all the appropriate assessments. Our dedication to providing high-quality sustainable energy systems has led us to be Renewable Energy Assurance Listed and certified under the esteemed Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

What service do we provide?

Much of the administration involved in transferring to wind energy can be overwhelming. Enviko are happy to help you through all these stages. See Project Conception.

  • Planning permission – Planning applications especially can seem complicated. Enviko can complete and submit to your local planning authority a detailed application including a photomontage demonstrating the turbine’s location and all relevant technical details.
  • Feasibility - We can visit your business’ proposed site to discuss your project aims with you while undertaking a site survey. Our report examines site access, grid connection issues along with a detailed appraisal of possible turbines.
  • Site suitability – We undertake a site suitability assessment which examines any potential limitations to the wind turbine’s efficiency, such as ground conditions, cable routes and electrical connection.
  • Optimum location – Enviko will determine the best location for the turbine, accounting for wind availability, physical limitations, safety and impact on surrounding properties and views.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Our goal to make sustainable energy affordable means that we have years of experience in advising businesses on the solutions which not only make savings but also earn you money through the government’s Feed-in Tariffs.

Gain an income & save energy

At Enviko our goal is to provide commercial renewable energy systems to UK businesses. Our services include design, installation, and maintenance of these renewable energy technologies.


For Customers just like you
Clients include farmers and land owners, hotel chains or schools, care homes and hotels. Our five UK offices mean we can deliver the full range of commercial solutions to the entire UK. Enviko aim to help your business lower your energy bills and reduce spending on traditional forms of energy whilst also making a positive impact on cash flow and revenue. Read our success stories

image-11-300x225Complete energy solutions Nationwide with
experienced professionals and installers

We offer a wide range of alternative technologies and renewable energy technologies. Some examples of renewable energy systems that we offer include hydro, wind, solar photovoltaic (PV), biomass heating systems, solar thermal (hot water), and heat pumps (both ground and air sourced).

We also offer combined heat and power, which is also known as CHP, and rainwater harvesting systems. We are an accredited installer of zero and low carbon energy systems.


We are partnered with several leading finance houses to offer a solution that can suit you.

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Partly funded
  • Fully funded – fully maintained

For more information on how Enviko can not only reduce your current energy bills but also provide an additional income stream please contact one of our business assessors on 0845 189 9894 for more information.

Want to know how we have helped other businesses?Save Energy with Enviko

Enviko have worked in the commercial renewable sector for over 8 years and take a great pride in saving our customers both energy and money whilst generally helping the UK become a more environmentally focused place. Please feel to read our testimonials or browse our case studies.

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Enviko pride themselves in providing businesses with solutions that are both economically and ecologically sustainable, allowing both our clients and the environment to benefit. If you have any queries on how to advance with your plans to install wind turbines, do call us on 0208 541 1714.